Being a person that appreciates the value of time and how he uses it, Justin graduated from The William Esper Studio’s two-year Meisner program the same week he graduated with a B.A. in History from Fordham University. Some might say that is a pretty B.A. accomplishment. He has since trained with teachers from HB Studio, The Barrow Group, and The Linklater Center.

Justin has appeared on television as Derelict Wino in Gotham (Season 3) and Manbun (Agent Mike’s hipster neighbor) in Limitless. He speaks English, Spanish, Arabic, and wants to learn as many languages as possible. Justin comes from a family of police officers who have been very supportive, while also reminding him that being on an episode of COPS will not count as landing a new TV gig.

Justin would act for free, but prefers to act for money. It’s just one of those quirks. A close second though would be for Home Depot gifts cards. He also always walks around with a notepad/to-do list. The roles he plays would lead you to believe it was a hit list of some type if you just met him, so, you know, just wanted to clear that up. And just to clarify, the Home Depot cards aren’t for like man-made torture devices or reinforcing a hidden room or anything like that, seriously it’s not. The guy just likes to do woodwork as one of his many hobbies. He also paints and was a Boy Scout. Steven Spielberg was a Boy Scout for crying out loud, and so were Harrison Ford, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and Paul McCartney. Then again, so was Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader, Charles Whitman…..ok just forget it, this isn’t helping.



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